Five things to do at Pokhara lakeside, Nepal

Five Things to do

at Pokhara Lakeside, Nepal


Below are five things to do in Pokhara lakeside, on a backpacker's budget. Hanging out at lakeside Pokhara you will find plenty of yoga classes to attend, kids in harem pants, and fruity smoothies. I have listed five budget-friendly activities for when you have zen'ed yourself out, rolled up some smoke, and stretched well.

My Dad traveled to Nepal in the 1980s. He visited Pokhara and told us about rice paddies down to Fewa lakes edge, and rolling up sticky hashish with other sunburnt travelers. Nowadays the city of Pokhara has expanded, with buildings crowding down to lake Fewa and extending around its edges. Jordan and I bounced back and forth from Pokhara as we explored the Annapurna region, the hill station Tansen, and Kathmandu.

1. hike to shanti stupa

Overlooking lakeside Pokhara

Hike to Shanti Stupa and say a prayer for peace. Also, remember to double check what time it closes. 6pm in summer months, 5pm in winter months. We arrived at 6.30pm, half an hour too late and consoled ourselves with ice-cream. It was still a beautiful walk, with views over the lake and some nice big trees. Shanti Stupa in Pokhara is a Buddhist monument and the first World Peace Pagoda in Nepal.

2. visit pokhara disneyworld

Pokhara's Unofficial Disney Land

This is right on the lakefront. The ride we went on was the ferris wheel. You could see all of the inner workings and it spun so fast that the birdcages people sit in flew out horizontal with the ground. There were no doors on the little cages. It was fantastic. There are also bumper cars etc. I think the park is becoming permanent. If you want to do something fun and terrifying whilst in Pokhara lakeside, I can highly recommend this cheap thrill! I think we each paid $1.50 nzd.

3. experience the street food


A backpackers budget staple. There is a huge variety of food and sweets to hunt out. I especially enjoyed the use of bicycles as a barbecues along the lakes edge. Expect to pay between 20c to 75c for a snack, and around $3 to $4 for a meal in a cafe.

4. row your own boat


Take a boat out on the lake for the day. We did this soaring and managed to paddle in some huge lazy circles, periodically jumping in. Try not to get water in your mouth.

5. Visit Fewas' sister lake; Begnas


I promise you will not be disappointed. From Pokhara you can catch a bus to Begnas and then another bus around the lake to a special little spot called Majikuna. We stayed something like 6 days, swimming every day, eating fish caught from the lake and enjoying the relaxing vibe. The jungle is lush and vibrant here. Magikuna is much smaller than Pokhara if you are looking for a place of solitude, and seriously, try the fish.

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